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Your wellbeing above all else

The Nefrocure Dialysis Centre is a reference point in the Lugano area for the treatment of kidney problems and hypertension. 
A cutting-edge facility managed by specialist staff attentive to the needs of its patients.

Nefrocure Dialysis Centre
Kidney disease and dialysis centre

Welcome to the Nefrocure Dialysis Centre of Lugano.

We specialise in nephrology, guaranteeing consultancy for all kidney and hypertension problems: our priority is to ensure the wellbeing of our patients.
Our staff are very attentive to the individual needs of our patients and a specialist nephrologist is on hand at all times to provide consultancy. 
There is also a nephrologist available 24/7 for emergency situations or to offer advice.
The Nefrocure Dialysis Centre is recognised by all health insurers.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch,

Dr. Curzio Solcà

Specialist in nephrology and general internal medicine FMH

First-rate treatments


Our main objective is to welcome dialysis patients and provide them with the best possible treatment, guaranteeing them a serene and pleasant stay during dialysis. 

Comfort and wellbeing

Quiet, well-lit setting
Dialysis stations with internet access
Snack offered during haemodialysis session
Comfortable electrically-adjustable dialysis chairs
Daily newspaper available
Tablets available 

Medical care and safety

Constant presence of a nephrologist
Modern dialysis and osmosis equipment
Treatment in accordance with high Swiss standards
Qualified multilingual doctors and nurses 
with multiple years of experience
Nephrology outpatient clinic on same floor
Partnerships with regional hospitals and clinics

Social consultancy


The dialysis centre offers specific and dedicated social 
consultancy to regular patients
A specialist social worker listens to and supports the patient and their family, providing information and consultancy.
On request, they can assess the social situation and resources of the patient, working in any case to improve their self-esteem and assist with their social integration.

Dialysis centre
also for those on holiday

Part of the Centre provides dialysis treatments for those spending their holidays in our Region. Lugano represents a mix of the Swiss and Mediterranean culture and is one of the most beautiful areas south of the Alps. Its tourists come from all over Europe as well as Switzerland itself.

The doctors and professionals on the dialysis team, with years of experience in dialysis, nephrology and internal medicine, speak Italian, German, English, French and Serbian.

Our ongoing collaboration with colleagues and doctors from other clinics and hospitals enables information to be shared, benefitting patients on holiday that require dialysis or nephrology consultancy.

Your health insurance also covers the costs of your dialysis with us. Patients are kindly asked to present their health insurance card with the European symbol and a form of ID; our admin staff will take care of all of the paperwork with health insurance firms/insurers. There will be no additional costs for patients.

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