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The Centre is run by specialists whose top priority is the patient.
A commitment which involves close contact with family doctors and all hospitals in the region, 
as well as valuable partnerships with Swiss universities.

Outpatient clinic

The outpatient clinic is run by a staff of specialists, all of whom recognised by the health insurers, with expert knowledge particularly in the field of nephrology and kidney disease, and more specifically:

> Acute and chronic kidney disease
> Prevention and metabolic analysis of illnesses that provoke kidney stones
> Clinical urine tests: presence of blood, protein, urinary infections…
> Inflammation of kidneys and bladder
> Assessment and treatment of electrolyte and acid-base disorders
> Preparation and treatment of kidney transplant patients
> Haemodialysis and haemofiltration

medicine specialists

Doctors specialising in internal medicine are also available at the clinic for:

> Hypertension (high blood pressure)
> Metabolism disorders, particularly lipid disorders
> Advice and treatment regarding cardiovascular risk factors
> General internal medicine consultancy

We also actively collaborate with:

Clinica Luganese Moncucco
Consultant doctor for nephrology, hypertension and kidney disease during pregnancy

and with the main Swiss universities

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